About Fish Revolution®

Fish Revolution is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of oceans by empowering businesses and consumers with knowledge of how their seafood choices impact the health of our oceans. 

Fish Revolution provides sustainable seafood education, research and consulting services, and sourcing assistance to seafood industry members in order to decrease harmful impacts of our seafood choices on the worlds oceans. We workwith businesses and industry members to define avenues for improving seafood purchasing practices that reflect both sound business decisions and solutions to ocean issues. We help consumers navigate purchasing sustainable seafood by throwing fun and delicious educational events, provide access to educational resources, and encourage connections between consumers and the people from whom they buy seafood.


About Seaworthy Sustainable Seafood®

Seaworthy Sustainable Seafood is an affiliate of Fish Revolution which provides sustainable seafood sourcing and sustainability verification services. Seaworthy sources sustainable seafood of the highest standards for seafood buyers while verifying all information on the catch origins and methods to ensure confidence in seafood purchases. Seaworthy is currently working with chefs and large volume buyers while exploring possible expansion to consumer markets in the near future. When you sea the Seaworthy heart of hooks logo, you can be assured the seafood is verified sustainable. Proceeds from Seaworthy benefit the work of our non profit affiliate Fish Revolution.