Seafood Stories is a monthly dining event, based in San Francisco, which highlights seafood sustainability and provides opportunities for diners to engage in ocean advocacy through their seafood choices. Seafood Stories also gathers diners in Honolulu, Maui, and Seattle through pop-up events in these locations.

We believe that there is no better place to hear a story than around a dinner table with friends and family. Each multi-course dinner highlights the story of a specific fish species, fishermen, chef, or hot topic in ocean conservation. Each Seafood Stories dinner is prepared by top chefs who bring the stories of the evening to life through each course. By sharing stories of the how our seafood travels from boat to table we provide guests with an interactive dining experience that empowers them to make purchasing decisions that support healthy oceans. We hope that guests leave our dinners with a better understanding of how we as a culinary community can work for positive change that benefits people and the environment, while keeping delicious seafood on our dinner tables for generations to come.

All proceeds benefit Fish Revolution, a non-profit that educates consumers on sustainable seafood and assists chefs, restaurants, and seafood industry members with implementing sustainable seafood business policy.